Five Things Friday

So much goodness in a cup.

 Two (heaping) teaspoons of instant coffee, 2 (non-heaping) teaspoons of Nesquik, 1 (non-heaping) teasoon of sugar. 2/3 boiling hot water, 1/3 1% lactose-free milk.

Works so good.

Works so well. The reason why my face looks 5x better this morning than it did last night.

So much to read, so little desire to do so.

I’m a sociology minor, so three of the four courses I’m taking this semester are sociology. The other one – as you may be able to tell – is biology. I got my lab work all done yesterday, but I have to study for the quiz on Monday, as well as read the material we’ll be studying next week.

Working on that 36 books resolution.

I have no idea how that line got there. It’s making reading a little annoying, but whatever. This is book three of 36 and it’s a classic, which is making my mom happy.

Hello, kilt boy.

Leaving class the other day, I saw this guy. Apparently a boy in a kilt/skirt is interesting enough to make me take a photo while crossing the street. Safety first, as always.

TELL ME: Five things about you. Ready, set, go!


Thankful Things Thursday!

One of my favourite – if not my favourite – bloggers, Ali on the Run, does this feature every Thursday where she lists everyhting she’s thankful for, called Thankful Things Thursday. So, since I a) love alliterations, b) love her blog and c) love this idea, I’m going to start doing this!

Hopefully she doesn’t mind. All credit goes to her, I’m not this clever, really.

So, without further ado, here’s my list:

  1. The weather. It’s not raining. I live in vancouver and if you know anything about the weather here, that’s a small miracle. Maybe a large miracle.
  2. I’m thankful that I can walk over to the bio lab  today. I’m not looking forward to the lab itself, but I need to get it done so that I get the marks. So then I can be thankful it’s over.
  3. I’m thankful that I have a party to go to this Saturday. One of my friends has a house warming party this Saturday. He’s fun and I’m going with my best friend, so it should be fun. He’s also 33, and it still weirds me out that I know someone that old.
  4. I’m thankful for eye drops. My eyes have been pretty dry lately, but thankfully the eye drops have been helping.
  5. I’m thankful for my flat iron. Always.
  6. I’m thankful for the GPS on my iPhone. Let’s just say that I got lost in a dark, police barricaded, drunken pothead filled city on Tuesday night. It was not fun but I’m alive.

Thank you webcam for having heart stamps. I cannot draw hearts this nice.

TELL ME: What are you thankful for?

My bad…

It hasn’t even been a week since New Year’s, but I’ve already slightly failed a resolution. *sigh*

Anyways, back on track! Let’s talk about another resolution of mine.

Resolution #4: Strength train 2x a week.

Strength training is SO good for you.

Which means I should probably do it, eh?

So my goal for this year is to strength train two times per week, all 52 weeks of the year. And it needs to be full body too, not just a few pushups.

I especially need to build up arm and core strength, though my lower body strength could use some work too. Especially with knees that are just in such fantastic condition. Not.

I`m posting about it today because I actually did a strength workout today! It was wimpy, but hey, a start is a start, right. Right?!

Anyways, here it is:

20 Minute Circuit:

20 Minute Workout

1 – march in place
2 – squats
3 – pushups
4 – plank
5 – lunges
6 – tricep dips
7 – bicycle crunches
8 – march in place
9 – squats
10 – pushups
11 – plank
12 – lunges
12 – tricep dips
13 – bicycle crunches
14 – calf raises
15 – right leg stretches
16 – left leg stretches
17 – right arm stretches
18 – left arm stretches
19 – foam roll
20 – foam roll


TELL ME: How often do you strength train?

Late As Usual

So this post is going up at 2am…oops.

BUT today was quite a productive day. I did a pretty impressive amount of laundry, filled up most of the drying rack in the basement. And no, you are not allowed to judge me because I think that’s an accomplishment. It’s a big rack.

I also managed to accomplish something else today. And by accomplish something I mean I dropped my eReader into a tub of water. It turned off and now has some half faded text on it.

I’m leaving it to dry and hoping that after three days of drying out and then a full charge it’ll be okay. Keep your fingers crossed, guys.

Anyways, it’s time to tell you about another resolution of mine.

Resolution #3: Write 12 articles for my university’s student paper.

I just sent the first one out about 2.5 hours ago, so hopefully I see that in the paper sometime soon. Keep crossing those fingers, folks.

I really need to build up a portfolio of published work – even if it’s only my school paper – to show when I apply for internships and eventually a real, paid (!) job.

Though one of the things I love most about my program is that a lot of our profs were once journalists themselves and so they have connections that will hopefully help us out, I’m still going to need to show examples of my work.

TELL ME: What dumb things have you done recently? Make me feel better about mine, please ;)

A puppy photo is always appropriate. Even when it's a low quality, through-the-glass creeper shot. Or that's what I tell myself.

Day 2!

Imaginative title, eh?

Unlike yesterday, I actually have a few things I want to talk about today. I went shopping today – omigod present money is fantastic – and I wanted to show what I got, but I figured I’d wait till I had decent lighting tomorrow for my oh so professional iPhone photos. Uh huh. Hardcore, I know.

So, instead I’ll tell you about my second New Year’s resolution.

Reading. 36 books over the next 12 months, to be exact.

Why 36? Well, I was going to make it three per month, but I figured that I didn’t want to fail just because I’d read two one month and four the next. So 36 it is.

I used to be the world’s biggest bookworm. Seriously. I would get busted regularly for hiding a book under my desk during class in elementary school.

Such a rebel.

While my rebellious nature began to manifest itself in different ways during high school, I still read a lot. I remember seeing that in my grade 10 English class we would get bonus marks for reading 3 books a term and I was so psyched.

Three books, I thought? I read more than that in a month.

But then university happened. And textbooks. I mean, I had them in high school too, but we never had to read as much as I’ve had to in university.

Basically, it got to the point that I didn’t read a single book during fall semester.

So yeah.

Resolution #2: Read 36 books in 2012.

I’m on a decent start, considering I’ve read two books in the past two days. But they were short books and it’s early yet, so we’ll see.

See? Charging! I shouldn't complain about the time it takes, considering that it would make my day if my iPhone stayed charged for as long as this.

The next book will be “The Five People You Meet In Heaven,” because I’ve heard so much about and I figure I’ll give it a shot.

As soon as my eReader is done charging, anyways.

New Year…new initiative?!

……aaaaaaand I’m back! You’re excited, I know.

I really love the idea of having a blog, my own personal little spot on the internet, but somehow I’m not actually any good at keeping up with it.

SO this is where my 2012 New Year’s Resolution comes in. To blog everyday for a year. This post is a little shoddy, but it’s a start right? Plus, this means it can only get better.

So, post #1 of 366 (leap year!) is done. Lame, but done.

TELL ME: What’s your New Year’s resolution for this year?