…remember me? The girl who started a blog, took a looooooooooong break, came back, teased you with a couple of entries and then disappeared? Yeah, hi!

It’s been a long few days. It’s the end of the semester which means I have about a gazillion (real scientific measurement) things due and exams to write.

Including a fun sociology presentation, then an even more fun political science exam tomorrow.

Then rushing to the bus stop like a crazy person to get to work on time. Then work till 9:30pm. Then video editing. Then some more studying for yet another exam on Wednesday. Then figuring out what the hell to do for my term project due next Monday that I haven’t started yet. Oops. And then finishing off my¬†sociology¬†assignment that should have also been done ages ago.

And in between all that I should probably actually do this cool thing called exercise. Maybe sleep too. Nah, let’s not get too crazy.

Anyways, exercise goals for this week are:

Monday – nothing. I need to study and study hard.

Tuesday – circuit workout. 15 minutes of this kicks my ass!

Wednesday – rest. Too many things to do.

Thursday – 2 mile run! I have a race to run at the end of January and if I don’t run now I’m certainly not going to be running then.

Friday – another 2 mile run & an upper body workout. I found one on another blog that looks like it would do a number on my wimpy little arms.

Saturday – my final 2 mile run of the week. 6 miles per week, such impressive mileage…not. But eh, everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Sunday – circuit workout. It’s supposed to be gross outside, so it’ll be the perfect time to work on some strength stuff.

But before I grudgingly open up my textbook again, here’s a quick outfit shot:

I need a full length mirror..

Oh hi Forever 21 changing room...how nice of you to let me use you.


Just sub that bracelet for the random wristband. The second photo is from a little while ago, I apparently really like this outfit.

Now off to eat and then buckle down and study the hell out of this political science final

TELL ME: Do you ever – or often – re-wear exact outfits? This wasn’t even that long ago. I blame being a lazy student.