My bad…

It hasn’t even been a week since New Year’s, but I’ve already slightly failed a resolution. *sigh*

Anyways, back on track! Let’s talk about another resolution of mine.

Resolution #4: Strength train 2x a week.

Strength training is SO good for you.

Which means I should probably do it, eh?

So my goal for this year is to strength train two times per week, all 52 weeks of the year. And it needs to be full body too, not just a few pushups.

I especially need to build up arm and core strength, though my lower body strength could use some work too. Especially with knees that are just in such fantastic condition. Not.

I`m posting about it today because I actually did a strength workout today! It was wimpy, but hey, a start is a start, right. Right?!

Anyways, here it is:

20 Minute Circuit:

20 Minute Workout

1 – march in place
2 – squats
3 – pushups
4 – plank
5 – lunges
6 – tricep dips
7 – bicycle crunches
8 – march in place
9 – squats
10 – pushups
11 – plank
12 – lunges
12 – tricep dips
13 – bicycle crunches
14 – calf raises
15 – right leg stretches
16 – left leg stretches
17 – right arm stretches
18 – left arm stretches
19 – foam roll
20 – foam roll


TELL ME: How often do you strength train?


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