Late As Usual

So this post is going up at 2am…oops.

BUT today was quite a productive day. I did a pretty impressive amount of laundry, filled up most of the drying rack in the basement. And no, you are not allowed to judge me because I think that’s an accomplishment. It’s a big rack.

I also managed to accomplish something else today. And by accomplish something I mean I dropped my eReader into a tub of water. It turned off and now has some half faded text on it.

I’m leaving it to dry and hoping that after three days of drying out and then a full charge it’ll be okay. Keep your fingers crossed, guys.

Anyways, it’s time to tell you about another resolution of mine.

Resolution #3: Write 12 articles for my university’s student paper.

I just sent the first one out about 2.5 hours ago, so hopefully I see that in the paper sometime soon. Keep crossing those fingers, folks.

I really need to build up a portfolio of published work – even if it’s only my school paper – to show when I apply for internships and eventually a real, paid (!) job.

Though one of the things I love most about my program is that a lot of our profs were once journalists themselves and so they have connections that will hopefully help us out, I’m still going to need to show examples of my work.

TELL ME: What dumb things have you done recently? Make me feel better about mine, please ;)

A puppy photo is always appropriate. Even when it's a low quality, through-the-glass creeper shot. Or that's what I tell myself.


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