What a day.

Wow. Today was beyond insane.

But I’ll get to that in a second. First, let’s see how me and my to do list did.

  • homework – INSANE student council meeting. Just insane, so I didn’t end up finishing the journal entries though I did get started and I read a chapter. The videos are up on YouTube, with no issues. I was a bit worried since I’ve heard horror stories about stuff taking super long to upload.
  • schedule an appointment with an advisor – nope. I’ll either drop by or call tomorrow during my break.
  • yoga – About to! I just got home, devoured some sushi and chocolate, and am going to let that digest for a bit before I get into uncomfortable positions. Not quite sure which routine I’m going to do yet.
  • student loan applications – I did my bit! Now I just have to get my dad to fill out his section and then I can send it off.
  • get to be by 1am – hopefully! It’s not even 10pm yet, so I still have plenty of time to not fail at this.
  • shower – After yoga. I need one soooooo bad.
  • pick up my cheque – Again, tomorrow during break.

Now onto the insanity. The student association (SA) at my school has been corrupt for years. They switch up bylaws without asking and spend our money on whatever they please. So, today, it was time to oust them. Democratically of course.

The meeting was at 2pm. At first, it went fine. We registered to vote, and sat down in the auditorium. And that’s when the fun started.

About 10 minutes into the meeting, a fire alarm rang. There was no fire. There was no suspicion of fire. It was just the SA members who were about to kicked out trying to stop the voting. So we all filed outside, waited around for close to an hour while the firefighters inspected everything. Then we got back inside.

Then, just as we were about to vote, guess what? Another fire alarm. And then some pepper spray. That stuff is fun, by the way, I can still feel it in my mouth and throat.

Finally, after cops and firefighters figured crap out and the pepper spray cleared, we got back inside to vote. And vote we did. Every single corrupt member of the SA was kicked out and we made plans to elect new ones.

I’m actually pretty proud of my uni, usually they’re so apathetic – which is how this went on for so long – but this time around people did a good job of getting the word out and the auditorium was PACKED.

So, so proud. And maybe now we’ll even start seeing the fruits of all the fees we pay. Maybe.

So that’s everything. Whew. I’m tired just writing that out. Now I’m going to search up a yoga routine, do it, take a shower and then maybe work on my sociology stuff. And hopefully get to bed by 1am.

TELL ME: Has anything dramatic like that ever happened at your university? Have you ever witnessed or taken part in a protest like this?


When it starts like this…

When your day starts with losing your wallet and sprinting for the bus, you just know it’s going to be a fun one.

Fortunately, I found the wallet in my dad’s car where I left it last night and I did end up making the bus. Though I did spend the first couple minutes of the ride gasping for air.

Anyways, I got KO’d by my to-do list last night.


  • student loan applications – yeah no. Doing that today. For sure.
  • homework –  see above.
  • work – showed up, saw the December schedule (so many evening shifts!), and handed in my bank statement. Win.
  • yoga – Nope. No stretching either, though hopefully I’ll get in yoga and foam rolling today. Or at least stretching instead of yoga
  • get to bed – Well I got SOME. Just not a lot.

On to today. With hopefully a better outcome than yesterday.

  • homework –  I’m hoping to get some of the reading and 1/3 of the journal entries done during my break. Yep, still need to get that done. Then I have a student council meeting to cover. And I need to upload some video too. Dammit.
  • schedule an appointment with an advisor – Stupid BA requirements.
  • yoga – I’m STILL sore. I need to get on the yoga, foam rolling and stretching.
  • student loan applications – I need my moneys from the government, and I need it now.
  • get to be by 1am – I have an 8am wake up tomorrow, so this’ll get me seven hours of sleep. Which is more than I’ve gotten in a while.
  • shower – yes it’s a little sad that I need to put this on a to do list. But I fell asleep last night before I could shower, so yeah.
  • pick up my cheque – I’ve written an article for the school paper and I get money! It’d $10, which isn’t much but I’ll take it :)
I might be able to get outside for a walk to, we’ll see. It’s SO nice outside which is a rarity around here.
Unfrotunately though, this is my view for most of the day.
And this:

As close as I'm getting to the gorgeous sunshine.

And yes, I know, my photography is amazing. Just phenomenal.
Time to get working!

YOUR OPINION: Have you ever gotten your hair cut at a hair academy? By a student? I’m thinking of going to the Aveda Institute in Vancouver. It’s $18-25 for a haircut, which is why I’m considering it.

Getting Better.

Good morning! I think the foam rolling and stretching did me some good last night, but I’m still sore. I guess that means it’s good that it’s a rest day, though “rest day” is a funny way to say “will be standing for 4.5 hours tonight and won’t get home till almost 10pm.”

Ah well, a girl needs her money.

Onto more cheerful topics – I had milk today! I probably sound far too excited butblet me explain.

Almost two and a half years ago, I began to get constant stomache aches. Nothing excruciatingly painful, but annoying and concerning since they were happening pretty much daily. Along with these, I was also constantly nauseous too. I did some research, consulted my good friend WebMD along with Dr. Google, and then finally asked someone with an actual medical degree. The consensus? I was lactose intolerant.

So it’s been soy milk since then.

But, I was at the grocery store the other day, and, oh my God these is lactose free milk.

Mind blown.

You better believe a carton of that was in my basket in seconds. And thus, I enjoyed my delicious bowl of cereal and milk. And some coffee, but that’s just the usual, really.

And now that I’m nice and full and caffeinated, it’s time to get to work. There’s a ton  need to do today, including:

  • student loan applications! I need to get my tuition in my December 13, so I gotta get on that.
  • homework – It’s the end of the semester and things are piling up. And I may just be a tad behind. Maybe. I need to read a million chapters,  write countless journal entries, start (!) a final project and start studying for next week’s final too. Fun. Not. I’m hoping to get some of the reading and 1/3 of the journal entries done during my break.
  • work – duh. I get to work the evening shift. I also need to hand in my bank statement to my manager since I switched banks. And I should probably check the December schedule while I’m at it.
  • yoga – I’m debating doing a quick video before bed instead of just stretching since I have both today and tomorrow off from workouts. I may just do it tomorrow though, since I’ll get home earlier.
  • get to bed – I tend to go to sleep somewhere between 2 and 3am on average and it’s not good. Sleep is, however, and I’ll see if I can manage to get some.
I’d also like to avoid stepping in any enormous rain puddles, though that might be tough since it’s starting to look pretty miserable outside. Though the rain is holding off for now, so colour me impressed.
TELL ME: How do you stay motivated during the last few weeks of a semester? I feel like saying “screw it,” but my GPA is not going to be thanking me for that later.

…3 months later

I’m back! Yeah, I’m not really too sure what happened with this blog, besides the obvious bit about me not blogging and all. School has been absolutely insane, but that’s really no excuse, I still could have posted. So yeah, my bad.

Anyways, I’m back, with a new theme and I’ll be adding a few pages and features over the next couple of weeks. It might take a bit, since these my last two weeks of classes, then it’s exams and then I get three weeks off! SO psyched, not even funny. Now onto my day.

Apart from taking a break from blogging, I also took a break from working out. One week turned into two weeks, which turned into two months, and then three…bad Kat, bad.

So this Sunday I decided to get back on the whole make-my-muscles-hurt bandwagon and damn did I get back on. I strength trained yesterday, doing a quickie little workout because I was short on time. I didn’t think it’d do much, but I figure it was better than nothing.

Judging by how sore I am, I’m thinking this workout should be a fairly regular thing for me from now on, at least until I get some muscle back. I’ll post the workout on Thursday when I do it again.

Then, because I’m training for an 8K at the end of January as the first step for the 1/2 marathon I’m running in May (I haven’t decided which one, but there are two in May and I’m definitely doing one), I went out for a 2 mile run today.

I haven’t run in months, so I didn’t have high expectations for my run today. My only goals were under 10 mins/mile and to run the whole time And not get blisters from my new running shoes, though that might not have been up to me. Photos and info on the shoes will be up on Thursday again, since that’s my next run.

I ended up running the 2 miles at 9:16 min/mile and I ran the whole time, even though at times I was going pretty slow. My legs are sore as anything from the strength training yesterday, so that probably didn’t help, though my biggest problem is definitely the breathing and the side stitches.

Then, because I could barely walk afterwards, I had a hot date with my foam roller.

 We had fun.

Lets not even talk how much that hurt. I also stretched, which was depressing since I used to be a gymnast as a kid and now…yeah, I should get on the whole stretching thing.

This post has now reached book length, so I’m going to sign off here and hopefully get to bed before 2am tonight.

QUESTION: Have you ever taken a long break from fitness and then jumped onto the bandwagon again? How did it go?