Five Things Friday

So much goodness in a cup.

 Two (heaping) teaspoons of instant coffee, 2 (non-heaping) teaspoons of Nesquik, 1 (non-heaping) teasoon of sugar. 2/3 boiling hot water, 1/3 1% lactose-free milk.

Works so good.

Works so well. The reason why my face looks 5x better this morning than it did last night.

So much to read, so little desire to do so.

I’m a sociology minor, so three of the four courses I’m taking this semester are sociology. The other one – as you may be able to tell – is biology. I got my lab work all done yesterday, but I have to study for the quiz on Monday, as well as read the material we’ll be studying next week.

Working on that 36 books resolution.

I have no idea how that line got there. It’s making reading a little annoying, but whatever. This is book three of 36 and it’s a classic, which is making my mom happy.

Hello, kilt boy.

Leaving class the other day, I saw this guy. Apparently a boy in a kilt/skirt is interesting enough to make me take a photo while crossing the street. Safety first, as always.

TELL ME: Five things about you. Ready, set, go!


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