Those Days

today’s workout: 3 miles, 27:47, 9:16 avg

You know those days when you seem to spend hours and hours doing work yet it doesn’t at all feel like you’ve achieved something? Yeah. I had one of those yesterday.

It started off all good too, I managed to eat breakfast, scrub some linoleum and even straighten my hair before going to class and I wasn’t even late. I only left at almost noon but shut up, I know I have low standards.

I then spent three hours listening to my prof lecture and people present, which is not really my favourite way to spend a sunny day. I wish I had a picture to insert here, but I was lulled into a semi comatose state, so no picture for you.

Take that sad and adorable pug as my apology.

Anyways. I then went on to try and complete an internship application because it’s paid (!!!) and it’s remote. So basically, a unicorn.

Google unicorn at your own peril.

Anyways. I’m 95% sure my  application sucks but I also don’t really want to sit on it. I want the damn thing off my hands so I can forget about it since my chances of getting the internship are somewhere near zero.

So then, with brain cells pouring out of my ears already, I sat down to write a paper proposal. This went just as well as you might imagine it went. But I wrote it and even remembered to print it off.

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You should be proud.


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