And Another Monday

Mondays. They suck even during the summer.

(not) Sorry for that. I figured you should all want to claw your eyes out as much as I do.

But as much as I really do hate Mondays, I can’t complain too much when it looks like this:

2013-06-02 14.46.09

From my running route. Not too shabby.

2013-06-02 14.59.57

I was so excited about the blue sky that I took a photo of just the sky. And some trees. And wires. Eh. I figured I already looked insane trying to catch my breath after my run so I don’t think taking a photo of the sky really hurt my rep too much.

And now since I have absolutely nothing to say, let’s finish off the summer bucket list.


21 – I bough a Nikon D3200 back in January but despite being super excited back when I first got it, I’ve barely used the thing outside of internship or freelance photos. While some of this is due to my lens being shipped off to Nikon back in April, I still had tons of time to take photos and practice with it… but I didn’t. The camera store just called me to tell me that it’ll be about $150 to replace the lens so now I just need to call them back tomorrow to get the ball rolling on that since I have some training  shifts going this week which means I can actually afford it! So yeah. 100 decent photos by the end of the summer or bust!

22 – I absolutely love HBO’s Game of Thrones and there’s really no good reason why I’m still on season two. So once I finish book two I’ll watch the second season and then I’ll read book three and then watch the third one and then I’ll be caught up! Why did I not do this earlier?!

23 – We don’t get a ton of sunny days here in Vancouver and so I’d like to make the most of it. Obviously I’ll have work or school or other shit to do most days but I really want to get outside every single sunny day that I’m not at work or school for, even if it’s for a quick run or just a walk to get some Starbucks. Even studying outside in the patio will do!

the bridge… probably a bad place to fall from

24 – I’ve been meaning to go across the Capilano Suspension Bridge for a few years now and I think this’ll be the summer I finally trek out there. It’s $30 for the bridge and a few other attractions so I think it’d make the most sense to just make a day of it with a group of friends. I have some likely victims in mind already ;)

25 – Playland is the big attraction park around here and while I always went in highschool, I haven’t been there in a few years now. I don’t love all the rides and the lines get a bit insane but I still think it’s worth it.

26 – I used to write for my school paper but with my practicum, internships and freelancing I’ve let that fall to the wayside. Annoyingly enough, meetings are at the same time as one of my classes but I’m hoping I can still pick up a few stories here and there. It also doesn’t hurt that they pay $10 per story, which would go nicely towards that guitar. Or Starbucks. I’m not picky.

27 – I started watching SNL in September, which means I got all invested just to watch my three favourite people leave the show and to realize that I missed Kristen Wiig in all her hilarious glory. That won’t do at all. Netflix seems to have SNL – minus musical guests – so I should be fine till I finish the second Song of Ice and Fire book and get onto watching Peter Dinklage be his bad ass self on Game of Thrones.


28 – There ain’t much to say here. My room is a mess and it’s starting to annoy even me.

29 – I’ve wanted to play paintball for years now and it will happen this summer. I’m sure I’ll reach a point during the summer when I want to hurt people and since I don’t have a sadistic little prince to slap, paintball will have to do.

30 – This one is a no brainer. It’s summer. Vancouver is a coastal city. I’ll haul my pale ass to a beach or die trying.

But before I get to any of that, I’m off to write a few hundred words on a chapter I haven’t read in a book I don’t own.

The week is off to a fabulous start already.


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