Sunday Summary 01

Today’s Workout: 2.5 miles, 22:49 (9:01, 9:11, 9.14 [0.5 mile]; avg 9:08)

I used to do these back when I first started the blog and I think it’s a nice way to post all the random things I never got a chance to work into my usual posts. Time will tell if this will become a weekly tradition or if it’ll be saved for when I have a lot of stuff to talk about!

1. my first run


come pick up your sunglasses helicopter guy! / and maybe a piano? / first outing of the year for these babies :)

I finally got out for a super slow 2 miler, so I’m now at 148 miles left for the summer!

2. this weeks obsessions


new morning essential / pretty flowers in our patio / gogurt :)

That eye roller feels AMAZING first thing in the morning and gogurt is my drug :)

3. since I don’t have a third item, I thought I’d do 11-20 of my summer bucket list


11 – I just found out that Vancouver has a circus school and as a former gymnast I would absolutely love to do this! I’m going to try to wait for a Groupon but if not I’ll see if I can afford it with my birthday money.

12 – I could really stand to lose a few pounds and 15 seem like a good number for me. I’m 5’8″ so 15lbs makes a noticeable difference but it’s not too extreme. I hope that the 150 miles will help me with this one but I’ll have to cut out some of the crap I eat too.

13 – Stanley Park is a huge, beautiful park in Vancouver and its surrounded by a seawall that’s always filled with runners and cyclists. I’ve rollerbladed there but I’ve yet to ever run it and it’s something I would love to do this week. It’s 13-14 miles long, so running it would be the longest distance I’ve ever run.

14. I have a ton of beauty products lying around. This would be fine if they were all unique products and I was someone who was creative with my makeup on a daily basis but they’re not and I’m not. I’m mostly a neutrals sort of girl and many of those products are just backups and extras that I’d like to get rid of. I have enough makeup, perfume and body lotion to not need to purchase a single product this summer besides possibly a powder and maybe a mascara. But that’s it. Expect regular ’empties’ posts on all the stuff I’ll be using up this summer.

15 – I abolutely love my friends but we’re all really bad at organizing get-togethers and I’d like us to be a little bit better this summer. We have weeks when we see each other every couple of days and then weeks were we never see each other and I’d like to commit to hanging out at least once a week, even if it’s just watching a movie or playing board games

16 – I have incredibly curly hair that I almost always straighten but I’d like to learn how to manage it without heat or at least with just a few curling iron touch ups. I have it natural right now and it’s actually looking pretty good but the ends look really scraggly so I need to sort those out somehow without losing too much length.

17 – My friends and I used to go bowling fairly often but I haven’t been in months and months now. L suggested that we go cosmic together, which would be a really fun way to knock that one off the list. Plus, I haven’t been drunk in far too long ;)

18 – I’ve done a bit of freelancing in the past month and I’d love to do some more this summer, just to build up my portfolio. I already have one idea and hopefully I can get a few more out this month!

19 – L, M and I have been meaning o go berry picking for years now and I’m determined to make it happen this summer! I’ve never been and I want to see what all the fuss is about.

20 – I took a horseback riding lesson thanks to a Groupon last year and I really want to take another one this summer since I love horses and I think I did pretty good for someone who’d never ridden before.

I think I’ll stop this here and finish up tomorrow! I have some reading to catch up on anyways.

How’d you guys spend your weekend?


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