Best package ever!

So I got the best package delivered to my house yesterday. During the spring semester I interned at Lovelyish, which is a NYC based beauty, fashion and lifestyle site. Well, I did a wishlist post during my time there and I mentioned the FAB Anti-Redness Serum and the PR folks at FAB saw it and offered to send me the serum!

I was incredibly  psyched, I felt like a proper beauty blogger! But it’s been a couple weeks since then and my internship just came to an end so I’d basically forgotten about it.  So needless to say when my dad handed me a huge box I was really confused as to what it was but then I saw the New York return address and all but ripped it open!

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look at my enormous package! giggity

I legit squealed in delight when I saw everything that was in there! This is a terrible photo but they sent me SIX full size products! I got the serum plus a bunch of other stuff and I am so excited to try it all out! I haven’t used most of it yet but both the Anti-Redness Serum and the Detox Eye Roller both feel really nice on so I’m really looking forward to testing the rest of the products! I’ve never had this much stuff to review all at once so I need to figure out some sort of schedule so that I’m only testing one product at a time and not overdoing it.

In other awesome news, it’s finally sunny here! Considering it’s almost June this is probably not all that impressive to most of you, but in Vancouver sunny weather is A BIG DEAL. In fact, it’s such a big deal that I am finally hauling my pale and unfit ass out for a run! First run of the year! So if I never update this blog again, I died on my run. RIP Kat.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever gotten in the mail?


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