Nothing Beats a Good Run

Seriously. After Wednesday’s failure of a 7 miler – not going to talk about it, I did it, I didn’t puke (barely), I made a physio appointment – I needed a good run today. And, despite the 22C/72F weather, I got one!

I was supposed to do 8 miles, but I was completely and utterly despondent after doing 7 miles (and in pain) so I figured that it’d be worth my while to a distance I KNOW I can do and a route I love.

This wasn’t my faster run, but it was under 8:30 so I was pretty damn happy. And SUCH a confidence booster. I also got to test out some new insoles and a new taping technique and I gotta say, it was much better than usual. Still some pain, but not too bad. I have a physio appointment on Sunday to figure what’s actually wrong with my knee and feet so hopefully that’ll set me on the path to pain free running.

A pain free run. I can’t even remember what that’s like.


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