Sunday Summary: The Monday Edition

So the last time I posted was Wednesday. Oops. I’d say I’ve been busy…except apparently my memory sucks because I don’t even remember what I’ve been up to.

Since I missed posting on Sunday, I’m going to take today to do my workout recap. Just because I know that you’re dying to here about my lacklustre workout week. And because it motivates me.


10 minutes strength & 20 minutes yoga

I’m not feeling the strength training recently. I’m pretty sure my whole “10 strength workouts a month” is a fail. The yoga was the same Dave Farmar Baptiste Power Vinyasa yoga as always.



No good reason for this one. Just feeling lazy.


4 mile run, 33:14 (7:56, 8:27, 8:34, 8:17; 8:19 average)

I’d tweaked my knee earlier that day but decided to head out for a run anyways. It wasn’t too bad knee-wise, though my right ankle and foot hurt as usual and the stomach cramps were not fun. And while I have no complaints about my overall pace, I start out WAY.TOO.DAMN.FAST. There is no need to start out with a sub 8:00 mile. It’s just completely unnecessary. I get the feeling I’m just scared that if I start out too slow I won’t be able to pick it up.



My tweaked knee was sore today (I wonder why?!) and so I took the day off



See above.



This is getting lame. Also see above. Knee injuries scare me, since I dealt with knee pain all through high school basketball, and so I play it safe. Unlike with my poor foot.


6 mile run, 50:54 (8:00, 8:19, 8:18, 8:40, 9:07, 8:29; 8:29 average)

Positive split city. But I did it! And it wasn’t any slower than my 5 miler last week, so I’ll take it. But yeah, I need to keep those mile splits under 9:00. And not start off so fast.

So what have we learned here? I baby my knees and abuse my ankles and feet. And I start out way too fast. My goal for tomorrow’s 7 mile run is to start out at an 8:15 pace for the first mile, then just keep it under 9:00 for the next four and then slowly speed up and maybe get those last two miles under 8:30. I’d also like to finish in under one hour, which would be an 8:34 pace, but that’s secondary. Speed will come, but I think the key thing now is to establish good habits. Like those negative splits everyone seems to like so much.


| KT taped post 6 miler legs | gorgeous running route |

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