Off To A Good Start

You know that moment when you’re alarm clock rings and so you roll over to check your emails on your phone? And usually it’s all lame Groupon deals? Well today I got this:


See, there IS a point to obsessively checking my email before even getting out of bed. It’s not just a procrastination tactic…

So I rolled over and went back to sleep. Till 11:30am. Hey, rest is important…right?

When I finally hauled my ass out of bed, I grabbed me some cereal, Starbucks Caramel Via (only 3 more packs left, boo) and some fruit and then sat down for a bit of this:

Too. many. sticky. notes. Top ones are maps, side are topics.

After getting through a chapter, I headed off to the mall to look for a birthday present for my brother. He requested a t-shirt and so off I went!

Blue sky!

You can’t see the huge dark grey cloud looming to the right, but trust me it’s there. Oh West Coast…

My t-shirt mission was successful, but somehow I also managed to buy me a shirt and some jeans. Oops. In my defence the shirt was reduced to $7 and the jeans to $29.

I also got me some crack this:

Yay recycled photo :)

And now I’m back to studying. It’s past 8:30pm and I still need to do some yoga and some strength work.



2 thoughts on “Off To A Good Start

  1. Hey Kat, thanks for stopping by. I LOVED whenever class, work or any other boring obligation gets cancelled. and YAY for strength. I used to loathe it but now I am addicted :) Cute blog!

    • I go through faces with strength – sometimes I love it but sometimes I can barely drag myself through a half-hearted 15 minutes. I need to get addicted again :) Thanks for stopping by!

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