I raced: Take Two!

I’m so creative with the blog post titles, I know.

But last night was the North Shore Credit Union Longest Day Road Race. I ran the 5K. Mostly because I can’t run 10K. YET. But also because it was redemption for the Starbucks Run for Women 5K.

So, let’s start at the beginning. I was late. Over two minutes late, in fact. Thank God for chip time. I also can’t find my Garmin cord, so no splits for you.

And I only took one photo at the event. Since it’s the only one I got, I’m sure you think it’s an AMAZING photo of something that absolutely had to be documented.

Oh my lol.

Hilarious soccer tan. He was nice and we chatted a bit as we were waiting for food, but I just HAD to snap this photo.

And that’s it. All I got from the actual event.

But you probably want to know my time, right? Well since I was late to the start, ym gun time is 27:52. But thankfully, I got a chip time. And that is…

25:00! While I’m psyched about it, would it’ve killed me to run a second faster? Apparently so, since this is the second time I’ve done this bullshit. My first 5K was 28:00, so it’s apparently a habit. One I plan on breaking on July 1.

But still. Three minute PR! I’m PSYCHED. Plus, it means that this will be mine :)

Plus, even though I’m technically 0:01 off from my sub 25 goal, I’ve decided that if my 5 mile run tomorrow goes well (well meaning under 9:00 miles), I’ll be signing up for the Lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon.

I’ve even made myself a training plan in Excel – fancy shit – so here’s to hoping this goes well! Today calls for yoga, which will happen after I’m done cleaning my room. Because we all know that deep cleaning your room is best done the weekend before a midterm.


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