Sooooooo Nervous.

The race is in less than five hours…and my calves are still screaming at me. I’ve stretched, foam rolled and I’m going to continue to do so right up until I leave, but I dunno. My A goal of sub 25 seems completely unreachable. Maybe my B goal (sub 26) too. I’m seriously stressing out so much over it and sort of regretting signing up – this race wasn’t cheap and if I don’t hit at least my B goal I’m going to really regret running it.

I’ve spent much of the morning – okay since 12pm… – browsing Lululemon and Sportchek and I’ve decided that sub 26 means heading over to the mall and getting this, since I’ve been wanting it for forever. In the grey though, not the cream since I don’t really want to wash it daily. And I could use something to wear other than my leather jacket. Sub 25 would be the nail polish and maybe, just maybe, something from Lululemon. Though I might hold onto that one till I lose a few pounds, since I definitely think Lululemon is an investment. Or maybe my Lululemon thing will be registering for their Seawheeze marathon, though that will wait until after this Sunday’s 5 mile run. I’m both stressed and excited for that run. My 4 mile run on Monday went AWESOME, so that gives me high hopes for this 5 miler, but then again I’ve never run more than 4 miles.

I’ve taken two days off from running in prep for this and took yesterday off from all workouts so I’m not sure what else to do. Argh.

Off to maybe get some studying in. Nothing like stressing about a midterm to take your mind off of stressing about a race…right?


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