It’s Been a Little While…

But I’m back!

I didn’t even realize it’d been so many days since I last posted. Oops. Time to go down to the everyday posting schedule. I like it. When I remember.

So what have I been up to since Monday?

Keepin’ busy.

  • Spending some time studying in a local coffee shop.
  • making perfume at my best friend’s house (!) If you get the name you are awesome.
  • riding scooters and being silly with said BFF. HULK SMASH.
  • super tame squirrel
  • new running clothes

So yeah. Fun times!

Now to talk about tomorrow. I got the evening off work to go sweat and run the North Shore Credit Union Longest Day 5K. I want redemption for my last 5K and this one won’t be on the trails so hopefully I’ll have more luck without those lame hill things.

Everything I’ve heard about this race has been positive including the apparently awesome after party with BEER. Running + booze = happy Kat. So I’m excited for that. My goals?

  • a) sub 25 minutes
  • b) sub 26
  • c) PR (sub 28:00)

The first one might be a bit of a stretch, but the B goal should DEFINITELY be within my grasp. C is sort of a worst case scenario.

And now I’m off to stretch my insanely tight calves, study for a history midterm and hopefully get some sleep.

TELL ME: What’ve you been up to lately? What are you excited for?


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