Eww to Yay!

You know those days when you wake up and just feel like crap? Yeah, well today was one of those. I had night area for the majority of the night, which led to me waking up feeling incredibly unrested at just before 8am. I had my alarm set for 8am, but with how crappy I was feeling there was no way I was getting up at that time so I went back to sleep till 10am.

Now usually I would feel much better after 2 hours of nightmare free sleep, but not today. Not even coffee made me feel better and I decided to move my run to the afternoon, after class.

Though speaking of class, I didn’t make I there. I still felt like complete and utter crap when I got to the bus stop and so I decided to just spend a couple hours catching up on my readings instead of bothering to drag my tired and headachey self to class where I wouldn’t be able to pay attention anyways.

Before that though, I decided to stop to grab a drink and a few goodies to cheer myself up:

So unnecessary…yet so pretty :)

After that, I went over to community centre my library is located in to settle into an arm chair and read a chapter or so for sociology.

At around 2pm, I decided that I’d done enough studying for now and headed over to my favourite smoothie place to satisfy my addiction:

Actually took a photo before demolishing it!

Delish. Seriously, this stuff is like crack to me. I also grabbed some sushi, since I am definitely incapable of being within 50 feet of sushi and not getting any.

I then headed home to devour my sushi and attempt to convince my tired body that a 4 mile run was a good idea. If you’re wondering, my body did not agree but I dragged of out of the house anyways because I have 60 miles that ain’t gonna run themselves. And because I have jeans to fit into.

The splits?


The goal was to run this at 8:30 or faste and I definitely succeeded! Let’s ignore mile 3 though. Mile 3 sucked. Instead, let’s focu on miles 1 and 4. SO CLOSE to keeping the the same speed. I think this may be the first time I actually sped up to practically starting pace during a run. I’m proud :)

Post-run, I did Lululemon’s post-run yoga/stretch thing before collapsing on my bed with a bottle of water. I’m still debating doing their Seawheeze half marathon especially since it comes with a pair of shorts. We’ll see how I feel after this week’s 5 miler.

I’m still hoping to fit in both a strength session and some yoga today but who knows of that’ll happen. Some foam rolling is definitely happening though, my news have been a little sore since the race and that only ever means one thing. Stupid tight quads.


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