I raced!

And so this is what greeted me way too damn early this morning:

3 sweetly named alarms. Ignore the last one, that wasn’t for today.

I’m just a ray of sunshine before 7am. Regardless, I got up, dressed had some cereal, lactose-free milk, coffee, grabbed my stuff and was off!

Clearly I use sunscreen.

I promise I am not actually that pale, it was just super sunny out. And no, I did not run in flip flops. I’m not THAT cheap. Yet.

After two buses and the skytrain I finally got to the race site at about 9am. The bus stop was maybe a 2 minute walk away so it was really easy to find.

Once I got there, I checked my bag, drank a little water, used the washroom (they had real washrooms! no porta potties for me yet!) and waited for the race to start. Bag check was great – they even took my oversized pile o’ crap.

So excited. And so bloated. And blurry.

The organizers led a little warmup stretch thing which I sort of half assed. I never warmup when I train, so I didn’t bother. Nothing new on race day was my excuse.

Warm up!

The event was put on by the Running Room, so there were some pep talks by them and then Jennifer Heil, Canadian Olympic gold and silver medallist skier, took to the stage to talk about motivation and empowerment and all that. Honestly, I don’t actually remember what anyone said.

Then, the 10K took off at about 9:30am and then the 5K (my race!) started at 9:45am. Here is my one annoyance, though it’s 99% my fault – I was way too far back and spent the first 0.25 miles weaving around people and going super slow.

Other than that the route was great – the first and last quarter was on pavement and the middle was on trails. The race was held on the UBC campus and they did a great job of directing people and sectioning off the race route.

Unfortunately for me, while the trails were fun to run through, they were also a bit hilly. I’m sure they would have been nothing for most people, but I live in a COMPLETELY flat city. I’ve also only ever run at or a couple of metres above sea level, since once again, no hills and my city sits so low that we have a dyke system and miles of ditches to prevent floods. The lowest point during the race was 284 feet/86 metres above sea level. The highest was 403 feet/123 metres. Elevation gain and loss of about 270 feet/82 feet.

Enough words. Let’s look at numbers!


Not that I look at it, that looks like the wimpiest elevation ever. But whatever. Not y fault I live in the flattest city ever.

And now maybe I should show you splits:

More numbers!

That is NOT 3.1 miles. But I’m not going to whine too much, since something tells me that tell Running Room can tell distance better than my poor, forest-confused Garmin. My official chip time is 28:00 (I swear, would it of killed me to do 27:xx?!)which sounds about right, since I didn’t stop my Garmin the second I was done.

But but but, even with my lame time, I got second in my age group! 2/12, but whatever. I’ll take it. I also got 8/266 overall (small race!) AND I beat the Olympic medallist. Sure she’s not a runner but whatever. Let me brag.

After the run, I got my finishers bracelet:


Cute…but it didn’t stay on and so I lost the charm. Bummer :/

However I’m not too upset since I do still have this:

Sooooooo crumpled.

As an athlete since a young age, I’m a tad anal about certain things. It’s either got to be perfect or purposely crumpled. And since there’s no way in hell I could keep a race bib uncrumpled for 3 seconds, nevermind a 5K run, crumpled it was.

After the run I bused home, stopping for another one of those Jugo Juice PB & Chocolate smoothies (addicted!) and some sushi. And also a cookie. And to use the washroom. Methinks I may have overhydrated.


By this point I was tired and sore, so forgive the facial expression.

Despite all of my whining, I really did enjoy the race – and take pride in the fact that NO ONE passed me – and if I can can get this Friday off of work I may be running another 5K. This time on flat ground.

And now I’m off to devour pizza. And then yoga. And splits. Maybe I’ll even study!

TELL ME: Do you race? What was your first race?


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