Why is it so cold?

It’s June. In the northern hemisphere. Why the hell was it only 11C/52F when I woke up. Fail Vancouver, fail.

The fact that my legs have any sort of tan is frankly a miracle. Gah. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as last summer, when we only started getting warm weather in August.

Despite the less than fantastic weather, I still spent a quite a bit of time outside since I had a race packet to pick up!

I walked from my house to the skytrain station, and then from my stop till the running store. So about 8.4km/5.2 miles. I’m pretty sure that’s the longest I’ve walked since I was on vacation in May. Is that sad?


| on my way to the skytain | new sandals | downtown Vancouver |

| rich people yachts | sunny | gorgeous prom couple |

| awesome ad | a hill! (my city is flat) | pretty flowers |

Then on my way home,, I grabbed one of these:

Should have taken this photo a little earlier…

This is the PB & Chocolate Smoothie from Jugo Juice that I’ve been craving ever since I tried it a couple weeks ago. SO GOOD.

I was kind of nervous about picking up my race packet – I’ve never done it before – but it was fine, just walked in, told her my name and got my packet.

On the way back, I was seriously craving some sushi – when am I not? – so I grabbed two rolls.

Take photos earlier dammit.

This was two rolls. At some point. But yeah, two rolls of damn good sushi = $5.

Cheap sushi makes up for bad weather. Mostly.

After I got back, I decided to get to work on #17 of my Summer 2012 bucket list. Which was splits. I’m not even going to post a photo because it’s terrible. Splits are hard…

Then, to keep on with the whole stretchy theme, I did Dave Farmar’s Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga #3 from Yoga Download. So I’m working on #29, which was actually inspired by my new favourite blog – Health, Happiness, Hope. Heather is so sweet and I’m seriously inspired by all the yoga she does. Especially given that touching my toes is an accomplishment for me.

Now I’m off to bed, since I have a fun 6:45am wakeup call. I better run FAST tomorrow to make up for having to get up so early!


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