Summer 2012 Bucket List!

Totally swiping the idea from Janetha over at meals and moves.

I usually prefer to make monthly goals but hey, why not try this out? So here goes nothing!

If I get even half of that done, summer 2012 will be AWESOME.

Let’s break it down though.

  1. 1. run 60+ miles in June – yeah, not abandoning that one. run legs, run! (sidenote: June is at 9/60 right about. Yeah. And we’re about 1/4 through. 9 x 4 =|= 60. I should be running 15 miles per week. How hard can that be?! Though by Sunday it should be 12. That’s almost 15…
  2. run 75+ miles in July – that’s about 18 miles a week. Totally doable.
  3. run 100+ miles in August – 25 miles per week. Also, the beginning of half marathon training.
  4. do 10 strength workouts per month – strength training = strong muscles. Those equal better running. And better fitting into my pants.
  5. fit into my new jeans by the end of June – speaking of pants…yeah. 3 pairs of jeans. 1 pair of shorts. It’s happening.
  6. apply for two internships – got to get the ball rolling. Slowly.
  7. use the wobbleboard at my gym 2x a week – I am seriously failing at this one. I will go. At some point.
  8. pay off all debts – self explanatory. I HATE owing people/companies money. Also a good habit to start, that whole not being in debt thing. I’m excluding student loans here, because a summer of work will not even begin to make a dent.
  9. save up some serious cash – I have a number in my head that I want to hit. I will do so.
  10. hike the Grouse Grind – I’ve done this once. It hurt. I want to do it again. Hopefully in under one hour. It’s 3k/1.8 mile hike that’s 853 metres or 2800 feet up. Also known as “Mother nature’s Stairmaster.”
  11. try out a yoga class at Lululemon – why not? it’s free. plus it’s encouragement to practice at home so I don’t look like a complete novice.
  12. try out two run clubs – specifically the Running Room one and a Lululemon one. Once again, they’re free and none of my friends like to run so run buddies would be fun.
  13. try the rock climbing wall at my gym – also known as encouragement to work my upper body. because it’s wimpy as all hell. also, rock climbing just seems cool. probably be more cool outside, but what can ya do?
  14. run all the way down the Dyke – the Dyke is a riverside/seaside gravel trail in my town. this would be about 6 miles. I’ve always wanted to do this.
  15. run around the Stanley Park Sea Wall – this is a gorgeous seaside route around a gorgeous park. It’s 5.5 miles long.
  16. go kayaking – I love kayaking. My family and I go a few times per summer, but  also want to go up with friends.
  17. do the splits – I used to be a gymnast. Now I can barely touch my toes. Plus  think this is just really cool.
  18. get straight A’s – my GPA is not going to raise itself.
  19. rollerblade around the Stanley Park Sea Wall – once again, gorgeous place. I’ve rollerbladed here before, just never all the way around.
  20. go to the beach – on a (rare) sunny day. we have so many beaches here and yet I never go.
  21. go to Bard on the Beach – It’s a summer long Shakespeare festival and they’re showing “Taming of the Shrew” which might be my favourite Shakespeare play, though I’m certainly no Shakespeare buff. Tickets are around $40 but I think it’d be fun. Culture and all that.
  22. play tennis – my dad and I used to play a ton. While he can’t play anymore, I really want to play with a friend because I enjoy it. I suck, but it’s fun. Being good, by the way, has never been a prereq for me enjoying something. Or else I wouldn’t enjoy much.
  23. run to the top of Queen Elizabeth Park – it’s a hill! I live in a completely flat city and literally have to go downtown if I want to see a hill. So running up a hill excites me.
  24. go to Playland – this is the big summer amusement park around here. I’ve gone almost every summer since I was in high school. Except last summer. So I really want to go this time.
  25. go to Victoria – it’s a ferry ride away and one of my friends lives out there. Me and said friend have a thing for Southern Comfort. An vodka. And tequila. Should be a good time.
  26. go to Hastings Park Race Course – this is free. It has horses. What exactly am I waiting for?!
  27. go to the Celebration of Life  – this is a 3 day fireworks display fro 3 different countries. I went last year and I really enjoyed it so I’d love to go see it again.
  28. see a Vancouver Whitecaps game – Our local soccer team. And unlike Canucks games, these are affordable ($20+ per ticket vs. $150+). I don;t follow soccer, but come on, it’s a bunch of (hot) guys kicking a ball around, how complicated can it be?
  29. practice yoga – see 11. Also, stretching is good. Yoga is like stretching but with fancy words, right?
  30. spend time with friends – I like my friends. I should see them more. Not really much more to say here.
And there ya go. Big block of text, only one (lame) photo.


So, PONY SPAM. Me and my best friend bought a Living Social deal for a horseback riding lesson back in November and we FINALLY cashed it in. This is like a life long dream of ours. IT WAS AWESOME.



SO CUTE. The white one was the one I rode, it was named Nippy. Despite its name I managed to escape with no bites. The other three are ponies and oh my God the one named Fabio, in the upper right was so sweet, so precious. I seriously wanted to take him home with me. And that cat – and a few dogs – followed me around for an hour since we got there way early. Again, sooooo friendly.As were the poeple who worked there. I’ve heard so many horror stories about places being asses to Living Social customers but these guys we so nice and so welcoming, if I could afford it I’d love to go back. Even if it is in the middle of NOWEHERE. Like seriously. It’s a 3k walk from the nearest bus stop. It’s called A&T Equestrian, by the way, and when I’m rich I will go back.


So tell me: Do you have a summer bucket list? Yes? Share! No? Make one! And then share. Have you ever gone horseback riding? Can you do the splits?

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