Shit, meet Fan. Fan, Shit.

Registration is HUGELY important for university students. And as with most important things, it can be stressful. But honest to God, it’s never been THIS stressful in my life.

Back a couple of months ago, my school released the Fall 2012 schedule. It wasn’t open for registration, but you could plan out your courses. I did. I had a plan going:

The original plan.

I had to censor it because otherwise Google showed a couple things I wasn’t too keen on being shown. But you get the point. Five classes. Full schedule.


Less obnoxiously censored.

So yeah. This leaves a crap ton of credits that I still need to take. Now the plan for fall is to make some serious cash so that when I do have a heavy course load I don’t need to work as much.

There have also been some IT issues, namely with my school email address not working and some more registration troubles but I’ll be phoning the IT department tomorrow and the registration issues should sort themselves out by Thursday morning. Plus I need to go talk to an advisor about my programs but that can wait till next week.

Since I’ve been so busy stressing about registration – and attempting to finish up a history paper proposal – I don’t really have anything interesting to say about today or yesterday. I’ve been super productive though!

My morning and afternoon consisted of this:

liquid energy | registration issues | history paper proposal | class | interview |

My evening consisted of this:

Less insane! But less productive.

And thanks to those three – especially the latter – It’s past 2am and I have crapload of stuff to get done tomorrow. Dammit.

I need to do laundry, run, strength train, read a few chapters of history, make a chronology/timeline thingy for that history class, deal with my school’s IT department and then I have work that afternoon/evening.

And now it’s 3:13am

Head, meet pillow.

Good night!



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