How I’m making It Happen.

Yesterday I told you all about my goals for June, and today I’ll show you my plan for actually making them happen!

My first goal was to run 60 miles. I know some people run 60 miles a week, but frankly I’m the most injury prone person ever so I think I’ll pass on that one for now. Don’t believe me? I ran 30 miles in May and ended up with a pain in my right ankle, achilles tendon and knee.

Doubling my mileage for this month is going to require a plan. And thus, here is said plan:

If I put it up, does that mean I have to stick to it?

I’m not actually running only 3 miles that first week, I already have 5 done so total count will be 8. I just don’t want to include May miles into this count. My goal is to slowly increase both mileage and then number of days I run. June will be 60 miles spread over 4-5 days each week and hopefully then July can be 100 miles spread over 5-6 days. After that I’ll see if I prefer 5 or 6 days of running per week and maybe implement a cross training day somewhere there. And maybe yoga too.

Then, goal #2 was to strength train 10 times this month. Looking at that handy dandy schedule up there, you can see that I have 10 strength training session pencilled – typed? Google calendar-ed? in. Efficient, eh?

Goal #3 was to fit into my new jeans. I have three pairs of jeans and one pair of shorts just waiting for me to shrink enough to fit into them. I’m hoping goals #1 and #2 will help me with this, though I’ll clearly have to eat better than I do now. More protein, more fruit and less junk food are going to be key.

So many pants…

Goal #4 was to apply for an internship. I’m looking at one that would be full-time for the next four months. It’s also paid, which is rare. If I get this one then great, if not, I’ll be writing as much for my universities newspaper as possible in order to build up a portfolio and see if any local papers will take a look at it.

Goal #5 was to use the wobbleboard at my gym more. I have a membership, my gym’s not far and my ankle strength sucks. There should be no reason I’m not doing this at least twice a week.

Goal #6 was to save up some cash! If I get the internship, that will certainly help with this, but if not, I’m going to ask my manager for more hours as well as putting away my credit card and buckling down and cutting my spending. I’d love to visit a friend of mine who lives on Vancouver Island, but I need to have more cash saved up for that.

So yeah. Those are the goals. I’m at the point in my life where I need to get going on these things. Running, strength training and taking care of my body in general will only do me good as I get older and it’s easier to start now rather than waiting till I’ve trashed my body.

I’m also halfway done with my university education. I start third year in September and that means it’s time to start building up a portfolio and applying for internships. I need a job once I’m done with school, and working hard and busting my ass is the only way I’l get one.

As for goal #6? Life is better when you’re not living paycheque to paycheque. It’s as simple as that. And if I can’t save up a little money when I’m living at home and don’t have to pay for groceries and rent then that doesn’t bode well for saving money in the future.

Tell me: Do you make monthly goals? What are your June goals?


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