June Goals.

May is over, and while it’s been a fun month, I’m happy it’s June. June = summer and summer = shorts. Win win really.

But first, let’s recap May:

  • Miles run: 30
  • strength workouts: 6

Meh. Not horrid considering I’m just starting up, but not very good either.

Onto June!

Goals for June:

  1. run 60+ miles – I have plans to run at least one, and maybe two half marathons in the    next few months so I need to improve my mileage by quite a bit.
  2. 10 strength workouts – strength work is key to staying injury free and also to looking good when the weather gets warmer ;)
  3. fit into my new jeans! – I have a few pairs of jeans that are about 2 sizes to small, so I need to work on fitting into them! My current jeans are also getting to be a 1/2 size too small so I need to fit back into them. A winter of wearing leggings was a little deceiving.
  4. apply for an internship – I saw a posting that would be AWESOME if I got it, so I’m going to spend the next day or two on that.
  5. use the wobbleboard at my gym! – my ankle sucks. my achilles sucks. I need to get back on strengthening them.
  6. Save up some cash! I am so so broke. That needs to stop since I absolutely hate being just one step away from credit card debt.

Now I’m off for a run – those 60 miles aren’t going to run themselves!



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