So tired.

Despite not getting out of bed till 11am today, and really not doing all that much, I am exhausted.

I started off today with a 2 mile run. Not part of the plan I had for the week, though frankly, I’ve realized I never follow those. I give up.

Anyways. Back to my run. After yesterday’s 3 miler, which didn’t go too bad – and definitely better than most of my runs of late – I was hoping for good things this time around.

I didn’t have time for 3 miles, due to that 11am wakeup call, so I thought I would do 2 miles but do ’em fast, as in under 8:00 miles fast. Not fast for anyone else, but fast for me :)


NEGATIVE SPLITS. By one second, and during a 2 mile run, but still. Someone call Guiness. This run was tough, and at the end there I really had to work to stay under 8:00, but it was so worth it.

Now I supose I should show you yesterday’s run too.


I even took the post-run Garmin photo. Figure I should show off my fancy toy since it’s the reason I’m so broke. And 54:10 is most definitely NOT my pace. I think I could crawl faster than that. With both legs broken. Splits were 8:08, 8:58, 8:17. Not great, not horrible. At least I managed to speed up again after mile 2.

And now since I have an early – 7:30am – wakeup call tomorrow morning, I’m off to attempt to foam roll some sense into my insanely tight quads and then make friends with these guys for a couple chapters.


Here’s to hoping I get a couple of chapters in before I pass out.


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