Sunday Summary: first edition!

Everyone and their mom has one of these alliteraton-y posts and I wanted one too.

So, ta-da: Sunday Summary. This is where I see how much of a slacker I’ve been look back over the week.

So the plan:

  • Monday – 3 mile run, lower body
  • Tuesday – upper body
  • Wednesday – 3 mile run
  • Thursday – 3 mile run, lower body, upper body
  • Friday – beginner yoga (hopefully!)
  • Saturday – 5 mile run, upper body
  • Sunday – rest

The reality:

  • Monday – rest
  • Tuesday – rest
  • Wednesday – strength
  • Thursday – 3 mile run
  • Friday – running from doctor’s office to doctor’s office
  • Saturday – 3 mile run
  • Sunday – rest
  • Total miles run: 7
  • Total strength workout: 1
Oops. In my defence, my ankle was really sore this week. So sore that I’m officially switched over to the 5K for my June 9 race. I don’t really know if my ankle can deal with a 10K, but I know I have at least a 26 minute 5K in me no matter how crappy I feel.
Then a week after that I have another 5K, which I’ve yet to sign up for but will. Soon. I hope. And then after that it’s time to properly rest my silly ankle and get my lazy ass to physio perhaps. I want to heal up this ankle completely since I have a couple 10K’s this summer and a half marathon on September 30.
So, with all that in mind, here’s my workout plan for this week:
Monday – 3.5 mile run, goal pace 8:25
Tuesday – 3 mile run, goal pace 8:25
Wednesday – 3 mile run, goal pace 8:25, strength workout
Thursday – rest
Friday – 3.5 mile run, goal pace 8:20
Saturday – 3 mile run, goal pace 8:20, strength workout
Sunday – rest
That’s right. Time to stop being lazy and actually hit a specific pace for these runs. I don’t wan to add much distance since my ankle is sore, but a little bit of speed won’t kill me. I hope.
And no relation to this post what-so-ever, but I saw The Avengers again last night and so:


It’s a Loki pony! So cute it hurts.

Now off to do more painful things:

So many pages…



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