Too Hot

Apparently these days I all but die in 19 degrees Celcius. That’s 67 farhenhait for you Americans. That’s pathetic, for everyone. Yeah.

You know what else is pathetic? My ankle. It still hurts. My arch was fine, despite lots of concrete running, but my ankle was still being a bitch.

So I switched my next race from the 10K over to the 5K. Or at least I asked them to switch it. Deadline is today, so hopefully it all works out because there is no way shape or form this ankle is letting me pound on it for 6.2 miles in two weeks. Not a chance.

Besides, with the 5K I know i can do it, since I felt like shit today and look, I still did it!


Less than 9:00 miles. I’ll take it. I think the goal for the 5K on June 9 will be under 25 minutes. So an 8:03 pace or less. Gulp. I’m pretty sure I’ve never run that fast for 3 miles.

As shitty as my run was, at least I was well entertained?

Surprise, surprise.

That’d be cop cars, an ambulance and later a fire truck at my old high school. I am so proud to be an alumni. SO PROUD.

And now I’m done, mostly because I need to go shower and get myself looking presentable to go see Avengers with some friends. Loki, take two.




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