I hate my ankle.

Remember how I was so pysched to do that 3 miler? And I even planned out a nice soft route for it? Yeah, well I did the run. It was 3 miles. And it was pathetic.

My foot did not hurt at all until that last 0.5 miles that I did on a sidewalk. Win.

But guess what did hurt? My ankle. Stupid SOB. SO MUCH PAIN. I didn’t post yesterday because I was literally at the point of crying. Not from the pain – it wasn’t that bad – but from pure frustration.

I run on concrete, my foot hurts. I run on grass, my ankle hurts. Something tells me that I’ll be making good use of the treadmills at my gym from now on. And perhaps my physio.

To make it worse, I have a 10K on June 9. That’s in 2.5 weeks. My longest run to date has been 4 miles. I have no idea how I’m going to run 6.2 miles. Maybe I should see if i can switch to the 5K. At least I know I can run 3.1 miles even if both my ankle and my foot flare up. I need to make that decision soon, since the deadline to switch is this Saturday.

I probably will switch. I feel so defeated :(

And to make it even worse, I was going to run a 5K on June 15. No idea if that’ll happen now. I’m hoping I can do that, and then rehab.

Though speaking of rehabing, each physio appointment costs $60. Um yeah. I only have $500 of physio insurance, so that’s only eight appointments.


I hate to end this post on a pissy note, so I have one bit of awesome: I spent last night riding around on a motorized scooter with my best friend from grade 4. WIN.



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