Not Exactly As Planned

So maybe that 3 mile run didn’t happen today. Whatever.

The plan was to wake up at 8am, breakfast, and then set out for a quick 3 miler. I even had   a pace in my head that I wanted to hit – 8:15. And a route planned out. Oops.

However, despite that minor hiccup, today was semi-productive. I did scrub the kitchen, so there’s that. And I went to class. All three hours of it.

And, in truly unexpected news, I actually did a strength workout!

Complete with sweat.

No, I do not watch Jersey Shore. I refuse to sink quite that low.

I did the deck of cards workout I saw on Janetha’s blog. My version was hearts = squats, spades = pushups, diamonds = reverse crunches, clubs = shoulder presses. Since my ankle is still being an ass and I’m a complete wimp the pushups were knee pushups and the shoulder presses involved  five pounders. Whatever.

PROOF. Those are the suites. Not just scribbles. I promise. But it is sideways. You win some, you lose some.

I also did some balances and learned that it is ridiculously hard to stand on one foot for a minute with your eyes closed.

Then I foam rolled. Why are my muscles so tight and yet my ass is so flabby?


Even evil would-be dictators do not approve this lack of logic.

Also, I’ve decided that by the end of this summer I want to be able to do the splits. Is that even feasible? I have three months to make this happen. It may hurt.


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