The Productivity that Never Was

I was all set to write a post about how productive I was today.

And then today actually happened. Oops.

It started with waking up all sore and achy. And not good “I worked out and kicked ass” sore, but a “my body hates me” kind of sore. With a dose of pissed off stomach on the side.

So yeah, those 3 miles I had planned? Not so much. So now the plan is to get in the 3 miles on Tuesday before class instead. Unfortunately that means that I’ll need to get up probably around 8am (ew, and yes I know I whine too much) and I’ll need to blow dry my hair, which is a 1/2 hour process.

But, while today didn’t end up being as productive as I’d hoped, I did still enjoy myself since me and a couple guy friends met up.

Since a) it was just guys and b) I wasn’t feeling too great, this was all the effort I managed to put into my appearance.

My face…

Admittedly, in my defence, I did change into jeans. And put on boots. So I was almost sort of kind of making an effort? No? Fine. No effort.

That’s okay though, since our time together consisted of this.

I lost. Many many times.

And now I’m off to ice my poor sore foot. It better be grateful, since my 3 miles tomorrow are going to consist of running 1.5 miles south and then 1.5 miles north just so I an run on grass. I so much prefer loops when it comes to running, an out-and-back route seems really boring to me for some reason.

Do you prefer out-and-backs or loops?


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