Remember me?

Oh? No? You don’t?

Not sure I blame you, really. I’ve been gone for a while. Like a looooooooooooong time. Over three months. Forever in internet-land time. Internet time is sort of like dog years. Except even more sped up.

I think part of my issue in keeping up a blog – other than laziness – is that I don’t know what I want this blog too be about. I like running, hockey, movies, music, makeup, fashion and a million other things, but I feel like that’s way too much to have all on one blog.

And multiple blogs are not the answer, seeing as I can’t even keep up ONE blog properly.

I think for now this will just be a blog of my day-to-day life. So when I paint my nails, I’ll tell you about it. When I go for a run, I’ll tell you about that. When I actually do my hair, I’ll tell you about that too.



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