Five Things Friday

Blurry? Yes. Lovely anyways? Also yes.

(i) Study dates with your best friend are fun. No matter how annoying the subject you’re studying is.

Everything you wanted to know is censored, but suffice to say my credit card is crying. It may need therapy.

(ii) I just spent far too much money to not go now.

Lovely, just lovely. Thanks for the Valentine's Day presents, but you shouldn't have.

(iii) Midterm season is like deer season, except for students.

SO TRUE. From arancionelove on deviantART via Google images.

 (iv) I may or may not have broken my toe today.

Dun dun dun. So much suspense.

(v) I have a pretty new wallet because it’ll be my reward to myself when midterms are over and I’m all caught up on my bio labs.

What’s going on in your lives today?


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