When it starts like this…

When your day starts with losing your wallet and sprinting for the bus, you just know it’s going to be a fun one.

Fortunately, I found the wallet in my dad’s car where I left it last night and I did end up making the bus. Though I did spend the first couple minutes of the ride gasping for air.

Anyways, I got KO’d by my to-do list last night.


  • student loan applications – yeah no. Doing that today. For sure.
  • homework –  see above.
  • work – showed up, saw the December schedule (so many evening shifts!), and handed in my bank statement. Win.
  • yoga – Nope. No stretching either, though hopefully I’ll get in yoga and foam rolling today. Or at least stretching instead of yoga
  • get to bed – Well I got SOME. Just not a lot.

On to today. With hopefully a better outcome than yesterday.

  • homework –  I’m hoping to get some of the reading and 1/3 of the journal entries done during my break. Yep, still need to get that done. Then I have a student council meeting to cover. And I need to upload some video too. Dammit.
  • schedule an appointment with an advisor – Stupid BA requirements.
  • yoga – I’m STILL sore. I need to get on the yoga, foam rolling and stretching.
  • student loan applications – I need my moneys from the government, and I need it now.
  • get to be by 1am – I have an 8am wake up tomorrow, so this’ll get me seven hours of sleep. Which is more than I’ve gotten in a while.
  • shower – yes it’s a little sad that I need to put this on a to do list. But I fell asleep last night before I could shower, so yeah.
  • pick up my cheque – I’ve written an article for the school paper and I get money! It’d $10, which isn’t much but I’ll take it :)
I might be able to get outside for a walk to, we’ll see. It’s SO nice outside which is a rarity around here.
Unfrotunately though, this is my view for most of the day.
And this:

As close as I'm getting to the gorgeous sunshine.

And yes, I know, my photography is amazing. Just phenomenal.
Time to get working!

YOUR OPINION: Have you ever gotten your hair cut at a hair academy? By a student? I’m thinking of going to the Aveda Institute in Vancouver. It’s $18-25 for a haircut, which is why I’m considering it.


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