Getting Better.

Good morning! I think the foam rolling and stretching did me some good last night, but I’m still sore. I guess that means it’s good that it’s a rest day, though “rest day” is a funny way to say “will be standing for 4.5 hours tonight and won’t get home till almost 10pm.”

Ah well, a girl needs her money.

Onto more cheerful topics – I had milk today! I probably sound far too excited butblet me explain.

Almost two and a half years ago, I began to get constant stomache aches. Nothing excruciatingly painful, but annoying and concerning since they were happening pretty much daily. Along with these, I was also constantly nauseous too. I did some research, consulted my good friend WebMD along with Dr. Google, and then finally asked someone with an actual medical degree. The consensus? I was lactose intolerant.

So it’s been soy milk since then.

But, I was at the grocery store the other day, and, oh my God these is lactose free milk.

Mind blown.

You better believe a carton of that was in my basket in seconds. And thus, I enjoyed my delicious bowl of cereal and milk. And some coffee, but that’s just the usual, really.

And now that I’m nice and full and caffeinated, it’s time to get to work. There’s a ton  need to do today, including:

  • student loan applications! I need to get my tuition in my December 13, so I gotta get on that.
  • homework – It’s the end of the semester and things are piling up. And I may just be a tad behind. Maybe. I need to read a million chapters,  write countless journal entries, start (!) a final project and start studying for next week’s final too. Fun. Not. I’m hoping to get some of the reading and 1/3 of the journal entries done during my break.
  • work – duh. I get to work the evening shift. I also need to hand in my bank statement to my manager since I switched banks. And I should probably check the December schedule while I’m at it.
  • yoga – I’m debating doing a quick video before bed instead of just stretching since I have both today and tomorrow off from workouts. I may just do it tomorrow though, since I’ll get home earlier.
  • get to bed – I tend to go to sleep somewhere between 2 and 3am on average and it’s not good. Sleep is, however, and I’ll see if I can manage to get some.
I’d also like to avoid stepping in any enormous rain puddles, though that might be tough since it’s starting to look pretty miserable outside. Though the rain is holding off for now, so colour me impressed.
TELL ME: How do you stay motivated during the last few weeks of a semester? I feel like saying “screw it,” but my GPA is not going to be thanking me for that later.

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