Yeah, I canceled my run. After dealing with school stuff and walking around the mall handing out resumes, both my knees decided to call it quits. Thanks guys, I appreciate it…not.

That being said I’m still going to get both upper and lower body workouts in today, because my arms look like noodles (and are about as strong)  and since my knees have zero desire to hold me up, I need to recruit my leg muscles to do the job. Hopefully if I ice and use the ointment that my doctor prescribed since NSAID’s hate my stomach, it’ll be enough to get my knees to shut up. That an a couple Advil. Oh fun times :)

Looks delightful, eh?

Yeah I have zero faith in that stuff working. At least it doesn’t smell as gross as it looks (seriously, that overly-doctored picture doesn’t even do it justice), just medicine-y.

I’m doing sort of decently on my goals for the week, I handed out some resumes and am going to apply online to a couple more since they don’t do in-store hiring. I even spoke to a manger, that’s a good thing, right? And I got my school fees dealt with, B.C. student loans are being a little dumb and losing my letters but it seems to be sorted and maybe I’ll even get my money before October. Maybe. Miracles do happen after all. And hopefully all this fee business being settled means I can finally register for the biology class I want to take (and pay half a million dollars for the textbooks). I’m an arts student and yet I need science credits. Yeah,  I don’t get it either.


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