Weekly Goals

So, last Monday I made myself some goals for the past week. Now that the week is over, how did I do?

1. Run 9 miles –  yeah, not so much. I did 6 because I left my last 3 mile run till the last minute and it didn’t exactly happen

2. 5 strength training session – um, nope. I did do 2 upper body and 1 lower body strength sessions though, so it’s an improvement. Plus I went kayaking, which was good for my arms.

3. Stretch everyday – …I stretched maybe 5 days, so not too too bad. I need to stretch daily though.

4. Organize my table – I got 2 drawers organized, does that count?

5. Drop off some resumes – I applied to a few jobs on Craigslist, but I never actually got my butt out the door to my local mall or anything.

And now onto this week:

1. Run 10 miles – I want to work up to doing Hal Higdon’s Intermediate 8-K plan, which means I need to get my mileage up to at least 15 miles per week. Especially because I have plans to do 2 races this spring, the Vancouver Sun Run (10km/6.2miles) and the BMO Vancouver Half-Marathon (13.1 miles/21.1km). The Sun Run is in April and the Vancouver half-marathon is in May.

2. Drink 8 cups of water throughout the day – no chugging it just before my runs, because that just makes me cramp up. Not fun. I’m counting things like tea too, but not coffee because with the amount of caffeine my morning coffee has (3 heaping or 6 normal teaspoons of instant coffee) I’m sure it’s doing more dehydration than hydration.

3. Finish organizing table and then organize bookshelf – summer meant I could get away with having my books and papers messy, but with school coming up in just over 2 weeks, I need to get it together.

4. Cut down sugar – mass amounts of sugar on a daily basis are just unnecessary, make me break out and will end up making me gain weight. And while I could definitely afford to lose 10-20lbs, gaining that much would make me overweight. Not cool.

5. Hand out (more) resumes – I’m doing this tomorrow, since I need to go to my university and pay school fees anyways.

6. Get school fees paid – yeah, I probably shouldn’t forget to do this.

7. 5 strength workouts – I want to finish the 100 pushups and 150 dips plans sometime this decade and if I’m going to be running I need to do lower body workouts.

Let’s see how we do, shall we?


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