Weekend of fun

So my weekend didn’t go quite the way I planned. I had grand plans of running 3 miles and getting 2 strength workouts in. Yeah, not so much. Lesson learned, don’t leave half your weekly workouts till the last second. They won’t happen. Anyways, despite the lack of planned workouts, my weekend was pretty fun. I ended up going over to a friend’s house on Saturday for half the day. It was good to see my highschool friends again, I haven’t seen them in a while. It’s weird how you just sort of drift apart, even though everyone warned me it would happen. Thankfully though, when we do finally manage to meet up it’s just like old times. I’d say with no awkwardness, but that’d be a lie. Then again we were always weird and awakward so I’m not sure that’ll ever change.

Excuse the shininess. And the hair. And the facial expression.

A fun night was had by all. And especially by me ;)

On Sunday, after finally heaving myself out of bed, I went down to the lake with the family. We took out some kayaks and paddled about for an hour. I think we need to find a new lake though, this one is tiny. As in I-can-kayak-around it-in-20-minutes tiny. Oh well, it was fun anyways. After our little kayak session, we played badminton for a bit and then I vegged out with a book.

Clearly still working on that summer tan. Only in B.C. does summer only start mid-August.

Cheers guys.


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