Stupid knees

So I succeeded in getting to bed by 1am last night. Not quite 12am, but whatever, progress is progress and I’ll take it. The only issue with this progress is that I spent way too long lying in bed attempting to fall asleep. Not cool body, not cool. I’m hoping by the time class starts I’ll actually be able to fall asleep within oh, an hour of getting into bed.

No run or leg workout happened yesterday because of a (not so) fun doctor’s appointment. I’ve had bad knees for years and lately they (especially the right one) have been acting up. Since my body is so used to Advil that it’s not really doing much but killing the pain for 4-6 hours, my doctor put me on naproxen, another NSAID, to bring down the inflammation since the swelling was starting to tweak a nerve. But apparently my knee and my stomach have teamed up against me and I ended up with a couple of days of bad stomache aches, despite taking the stomach meds I got at the same time. So the naproxen is out and I’m stuck using some sort of gel. Don’t have much hope in that working out, but an MRI would be a 6 month wait, I don’t really have much choice. Blech. I like that it’s all free, but I hate the wait times.

As far as workouts today, an arm workout and a 3 mile run is happening, just as soon as I. Hopefully I can avoid the emergency stop button this time, as I’d actually like to run 3 miles.


4 thoughts on “Stupid knees

  1. Bahaha! I hate treadmills for that very reason :) I’m clumsy enough as it is. I don’t need cords attached to emergency stops added to the equation. Have you tried taking osteo biflex? My hubby has really bad ankles and knees from playing a lot of soccer. We both take it everyday and neither of us have many issues anymore. I was just curious if it would help at all since I don’t really know what’s wrong with your knee. Have a great run!

    • Yeah, I’ve almost wiped out on the treadmill a couple of times. Kind of embarrassing to trip when I’m not even going anywhere..
      My knees are a huge mess, but it’s a mix of tendinitis – which has gone on since I was 8 or so – and just general inflammation all around and under the kneecap. The ankle is just a chronic sprain that I cannot seem to shake for the life of me. All in all probably pretty similar to what your husband has from soccer – I played basketball for seven years.
      Hmm, I may go check out the osteo biflex, I’m willing to try anything at this point!

  2. I feel you on the injury side, I tweaked my achillis tendon about a month ago and have not ran more than a mile in the last month. Good luck on your future workouts. I hate when my mind won’t shut off before I go to bed and I just lay awake. I find that if I really stay super busy during the day I wear myself out good enough that I just crash.

    • Aww that sucks about your achilles! I’ve been getting a bit of pain around where my left one is and I’m a little scared that I might have done something to it :/ I spent almost 2 months not running and I don’t want to do it again, but it was definitely worth it.
      Yeah, I dunno what’s with the insomnia, it’s not something I’ve ever had a problem with, really, but my mom and my grandma get it pretty bad. My body’s usually worn out by the time I get to bed but my mind does not like to stop, haha.

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