*insert creative title here*

So I didn’t go to bed by 12am last night either. I think this habit is kicking my ass, not the other way around. I almost got to bed by 1am, but then watching random hockey video on YouTube won out. *sigh*

In my defense even when I did get to bed I didn’t end up having a restful night at all. I’m terrible about getting to bed, but once I’m in I’m usually golden and I rarely wake up before my alarm, but last night I seriously woke up every hour. Not cool.

I got 3 miles in yesterday, as per my plan, but it ended up being in two parts since I hit the emergency stop button on the treadmill at 1.7 and just decided to go foam roll since the treadmill clearly didn’t like me. I hate that emergency stop button, I get that it’s important but I’ve almost wiped out on the treadmill every single time I’ve hit it. Not cool, not at all. I don’t need any help hurting myself. Talking about hurting myself, I still have a brusie on my ankle that I got a week ago. And it’s not looking any better, either. Goes along with all the cut marks on my ankle from who knows what.

I also got an arm workout in. I hate pushups. And I hate dips. Maybe it was a bad idea to do the 100 Pushups and the 150 Dips programs at the same time? I remember doing the 200 squats workout and having zero issues with it and being able to do way more than 200 by the end, but somehow I don’t think that’ll be the case for these two. Maybe for the dips, but no way in hell am I going to be able to do 100 pushups in less than 3 weeks. But at least I have 3/5 of my strength workouts for the week out of the way and I’m either going to do a leg workout today, or go for another 3 mile run, depending on how my knees end up feeling.


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