I failed..

At going to bed by midnight last night. Probably because I decided to do my leg workout at 11:25pm last night. Which probably happened because I overdid the sugar consumption. Me + lots of sugar = bouncing off walls. Or working out at close to midnight. I never claimed to be smart, okay?

I also spent a good hour trying to find a decent self-portrait for the “about me” page and have come to the conclusion that my friends and I suck at taking photos. Everything is either out of focus, blurry or from grade 8. Or has half my head chopped off, which defeats the purpose of putting a face to the blog, or however the expression goes.

I then decided to take a self-portrait for the blog and realized that I need to practice the cam whoring, since I cannot get a decent shot. And by decent I mean not blurry beyond recognition or 2/3 of my face out of the shot.

But…at least I’m doing decently at my goals: there have been 2 strength training sessions and I even stretched today. Which is a miracle in and of itself. So now maybe my arms will look less like noodles and more like the arms of a former gymnast. And my quads won’t be so tight it hurts to move.

So now I’m waiting on my grandma to wake up so I can go to the gym and run a few miles and then foam roll. I haven’t foam rolled in a while, mostly because the foam roller at my gym is in the weights area and I feel awkward rolling my quads and grimacing in pain as all the guys stare.


2 thoughts on “I failed..

  1. Taking self portraits is hard! I think the key is to take a LOT. One will turn out good! Good luck! :)

    And I hear you on the foam roller. I would not want to roll in front of guys!

    • Yeah, I think me and the camera may have a date tonight, to, ah, sort out our issues lol.

      Unfortunately it’s my quads – the most awkward thing to roll ever – that needs the most foam rolling which mean I feel like every single guy there is staring at my ass.

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